How to set and achieve your Goal

  Setting goals in your life is as important as you need food to live in. I wrote goals here and not goal, I will tell you why but first we need to understand what is our goal, how to set those, and how to achieve those. 

 The first thing in this process is to ask yourself and cross-question yourself that is the crop that I will cut down in future, am I sowing is the same? 

This is very simple, any person who has never set a goal in front of himself or herself, should not set the goal which is unrealistic as it may bring or lower down your motivations. This may happen because you set the goal in your quick decision abilities but hold here....

The first goal should be which you are going to achieve soon, it means set very small goals first as only drops can make the ocean, always remember it. Create a drop first.

Work towards achieving this small goal. Achieving this small goal gives you the power to believe in yourself. It gives you the power to believe that yes you can achieve it. Create some more small goals and be habitual to achieve these small-small goals. When these are in your habit, set a bigger target and big-time but for that too, break it into again small goals. Achieve those small goals and you will achieve your big goal in the end.   

Sometimes you may fail to achieve the small goal too, but think what is the reason, it may be that it is not in your control, so don't worry and go ahead. 

These goals can be in any section of your life, be it making a habit, profession, relational, social, etc but basics are the same......

Let me know what you think about this. Waiting for your responses.

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