Which things we can test in our adversity ?

 No one wants adversity. It is a phase of life when we deal with anguish, pressure, trials, heartaches, and disappointments.  It is a condition of suffering and hardship and we want  some magic to get away from it.

We get to feel that we don't have anyone to stand for us, although in reality it might be not. No uncle is ours, no brother, no sister and sometime we feel that my self is not with me. This is the time when we test who is our and who is not. 

There is a Quote is Ramayana which is a part of Bhajan 'Mangal bhavan amangal haari'. 

Dheeraj dharam mitra aru naari,
Aapad kaal parakhiye chaari.

If we translate it in English, this will mean Courage , Dharma , friend and wife/partner are recognized only at our bad times.

Everyone seems to be with us when time favors us but when it go in wrong direction everything seems falling. So how to get away with it?

In bad time, out patience and courage is no more. When we see, we find our self poor.  One thing many of us could practice more is having more patience. Let time be bad but wait is the policy in this time. Wait for the time when things started to turn on positive side. Don't take quick decisions as these may not be good. Think and analyze and then decide. Quick-Fix is not a solution.  Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. 

With patience, we can only decide then we can go to the path of Dharma only otherwise diverting from it may lead us to sadness and self decay. 

Friends are those who know us as like we know about us. We spend a lot of time with them, but is bad circle only those friends are with us who wants us to get out from this situation. Meaningless person go away in this time. See and test your friends because there is not other time when you can test them for faith and friendship. 

In the last, it is our partner. You know a person succeeds in life only with the help of good friends and best partner. He/She can make you touch the zenith of the sky and if he/she is not with you, you will fall in the ground straight away. So always remember that if you had a partner who is supporting and loving you in your bad time then you are the most lucky person in the world. 
Friends, please let me know, are you the lucky person?

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