Why I have a feeling to die

  This is a very big question whose answer is very difficult to find but if we try to think about others we will find a common cause and that may apply to us also. 

It's "We or our very very close ones are not getting what they want from a long time and even instead of getting they are loosing. We have no hope for the future and for what we will live. We have no reason to think and we get to know that death is very easy than living" This is the common thing in all of all. Are you agree with me on it?

True, if we have no reason for living in the future and our death is very easy than life then we should die, but I ask you once time, can we think a one step ahead too. The thing that we don't know yet. The thing that may appear in the future.

Although your life is very difficult to live, although death may give you peace but remember that "light is always better than darkness". Maybe now we are in dark and we are not able to see other things that might be made for us, can't we wait for a little for the morning, so that in that light, we can see the truth and analyze again that is our decision is correct or wrong. Just give a chance for me, although you don't know me, but for me means some person either living it nonliving with whom you are in love so much, for that person, just give your self a little chance till that morning, after which I will not say anything to you. 

Always remember my friend that life is always precious although it has no meaning right now but don't underestimate the power of time. When time changes, everything changes. It can change all of your thought processes, like this, the time has done to make you feel that death is better than life. The same time can revert this thought too. 

So my friend, for us, for god, for yourself and for your most loved one, please give a little chance till that morning. 


Always remember the line of Albert Einstein that "If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things".

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