Why we sometimes feel very sad and how to overcome this sadness

Before starting this article, I just want to that I am not going to give you the teachings of any Holy guru but all of these are my own experienced feelings. Why I am sharing with you because I think by this way we can discuss it much better. 90 percent of you are reading this article because you are sad, you are sad enough that you are searching for the solution to your problems. 

Remember out of 90 percent of you half of you have faced it before too so what happened in between, I am not saying that you were so happy in between but you were not this much sad that someone can go to take more complex decisions. 

I would like to tell you all that please give me 5 minutes and read it and tell me if you can think something different.

Answer me a simple question, why you are sad? Can you think of it? 

Take an example, when you are not in a sad mood and you heard that someone suicide. What you think of him, "Is he a mental person", "What was the problem with him that he can't face, why he couldn't fight as we can fight". Ultimately we don't accept suicide and that's why in many countries it is treated as a crime too. Why crime, because sadness can't take any life. It doesn't;t have any power to kill someone. 

If you have heard something like Waves, what are those? These are up and downs. In many mythological books too, these are states, and I can say that everything is a state of mind. 

So if you can't think of any valid reason, why are you sad. I bet that when you think of any reason of your sadness, you will say to yourself that it can't be a reason of my sadness then why you are sad?

Maximum of us are sad because of our expectations with life, and these expectations can be from social and professional and remember that one event can't make us sad but a bunch of things makes us sad. But my dear, its a time of the down wave.

There are many ways to remove your sadness, I can't tell each and everyone because all these vary from person to person and time to time. But sometimes "Giving time" is the mantra and sometimes the solution is the mantra. So how can you decide?

The primary thing is give time and think over it about what I have done wrong, maybe you are right but maybe because you only think so you are right. 

Always remember that its a state of mind and you need to change it. Always remember my 3 things. 

  1. You are the most important person in life.
  2. You are also important to some other persons also may be non-human too. 
  3. This is just a timely thing because you were happy and sad before too although this time you are maximum sad but maximum happiness also waiting for you.....

Apart from it, I am always available to you. You don't know me and I don't know so you can contact me. Let me know if you feel something uneasy so please before taking any wrong decision, talk to me once, maybe something happens for good. :)

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